Office Hours of Operation

Monday Daylight - Dusk
Tuesday Daylight - Dusk
Wednesday Daylihgt - Dusk
Thursday Daylight - Dusk
Friday Daylight - Dusk
Saturday Daylight - Dusk
Sunday Daylight - Dusk
DONSAs (that fall on a normal day of operation) Daylight - Dusk
Federal Holiday Closed
Check-in at Office Required Prior to Use. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.


101st Airborne Division Road
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+1 (270)798-2629

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Archery Lessons
Private lessons are offered on an appointment basis. This is a great opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction from the greatest archer Fort Campbell has to offer! Lessons range from beginner to advanced levels of instruction.

For information on getting started in archery or to take your archery skills to the next level, call Fort Campbellā€™s Outdoor Recreation Office or email us.

To utilize the Archery Range, you must:

  • Be 10 years of age or older (17 and under require a parent/guardian to be present)
  • Stop by or call the Outdoor Recreation office at +1 (270)798-2629 to obtain Archery Range Utilization Pass.
  • Visit the main Outdoor Recreation office to obtain a Fort Campbell Post Permit 

Range Fees are $5 per day.

Lessons are $20 per hour.