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Part Day Toddler Program

You do not have to live on post to be eligible for this program!

3 Day Program (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
8:30am to 11:30am and/or 1pm to 4pm

2 Day Program (Tuesday, Thursday)
8:30am to 11:30am and/or 1pm to 4pm

Open to children age 24 to 35 months.

Please register at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How does the part-day toddler program work?
A - It is a 3 hr enrichment program from 8:30am - 11:30am and/or 1pm - 4pm

Q - Who qualifies? Do the Families have to live on post? 
A - All CYS Eligible patrons qualify, but of course priority is given to Active Duty Soldiers. 
No Families do not have to live on post.

Q - What ages can attend? 
A - The toddler program is for children ages 24-35 months.  The Pre-K program is for children ages 3-5 who have not started Kindergarten.

Q - What activities are available? 
A - The program provides activities that promote cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of children.

Q - How much does this service cost?  
A - The cost of the program is based on Total Family Income and can range from $47 a month for the 2 day program for a CAT 1 family up to $266 for the 3 day program for a CAT 13 family.  Parents must register at and contact Parent Central Services for TFI calculation. 

Q - How does this program support Soldier and Family readiness? 
A - The part day programs provide parents who don’t need full day care with an affordable part day option.

Q - How do the 3-day and 2-day programs work? Can a parent drop off their child if necessary? 
A - Yes, this is a drop off program.  Parents are not required or expected to stay.  The 2 day program is Tuesdays and Thursday.  The 3 day program is Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If a parent wants all 5 days they enroll in both the 2 day and 3 day programs.

Q - Where is the program housed?  
A - The program is housed in building 3066 Bastogne Ave.

Q - How do parents register their children for the program? 
A - Parents should go to to register their children and call Parent Central Services at +1 (270)798-0674 for further information.