Do You Absolutely Need Childcare?

Do You Absolutely Need Childcare?

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Your children are safest at home and we ask you to keep them home if you are able.
If you must return to work and have no other options, here is how Child & Youth Services (CYS) is poised to support.

Beginning 11 May 20, to patrons who previously were enrolled and receiving full-day care,
we are expanding care to support Active Duty Soldiers.
Present Mission Essential support continues for those already in care. 

Fort Campbell, KY Soldiers are continually training to win and deployments resume to answer our nation's call. 
We ask that only those who truly require care to return to care. 

We can support Wounded Warriors, Single Active Duty and Dual Active Duty.  
We are unable to support return of all previously enrolled Active Duty with working Spouses.
CYS is notifying those parents who will be unable to return to care based on our lack of capacity.