Family Fitness Challenge

Family Fitness Challenge

Fort Campbell MWR is challenging Families to create their own obstacle course each week for 3 weeks using the parameters we set weekly.

Each week we will provide the requirements for that weeks’ challenge. Each participating Family will create their own unique course for their Family to execute and enjoy.

Participants will need to create a map, take pictures or video of their course, and share their experience with us in the Facebook Event!

Every time you share your participation with us, you must also share your favorite recipe for a healthy meal along with your pictures.

Prizes will be awarded for most creative and entertaining videos/obstacle.

Here's the weekly break down of obstacles to add to your course:

Week 1 (June 5-12)
- Must consist of 2 agility drills.
- 1 specific upper and lower body exercise and a sprint to the finish line.
- Share your Family's favorite post workout snack.

Week 2 (June 12-19)
- Must consist of 6 stations alternating upper and lower body exercises.
- 5 burpees after each station.
- Share a healthy breakfast recipe/pic that your Family enjoys to jump start your day.

Week 3 (June 19-26)
- Must consist of 8 stations.
- Agility drill for start and finish.
- Share your Family's favorite recipe/pic for an energizing healthy lunch.

Do you need more details? Don't worry, we'll explain weekly in a Facebook Live video with fun Family examples that will help you understand each week's challenge.

Special thanks to our event sponsor
Xfinity for helping us host this fun Family event!
(Sponsorship does not imply Army endorsement.)