It's a Pizza Worthy of a Party!

It's a Pizza Worthy of a Party!

Hooper Grille (Inside Hooper Bowling Center) - 5380 Tennessee Avenue Fort Campbell, Kentucky 42223 United States Google Map

Hooper Grille, in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Screaming Eagles, now offers a Diamond Pepperoni Pizza with 75 Pepperonis on it!  Our crust now has a garlic butter and cheese blend sprinkled crust (added after baking).   We offer Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage, Supreme and Hawaiian in both large and small sizes; the breakfast pizza come in large only.



Cheese - $9.50

Diamond Pepperoni - $10.75

Sausage - $11

Supreme - $12.50

Hawaiian - $11


Cheese - $6.50

Pepperoni - $7.50

Sausage - $7.75

Supreme - $8.25

Hawaiian - $7.75

Breakfast Pizza (large only) - $10 or a slice for $2.50.