Online Resources for Families and Caregivers

Online Resources for Families and Caregivers





Tools to answer questions from children and youth reagarding COVID-19.

  FC-AAP-Learning-Home-Button.jpg Tips on how to keep children healthy during a pandemic.
  FC-Focus-Project-Button.jpg Family Resilience Services
  FC-Hatch-Early-Learning-Button.jpg Resources for children from infant to kindergarten.
  FC-Healthy-Children-Button.jpg AAP Resources
  FC-Lakeshore-Learning-Button.jpg Resources for preschool thru school age.  Academic based and can be used to maintain child school readiness in fun and exciting ways.
  FC-Teaching-Strategies-Button.jpg A weekly plan of resources for infants thru kindergarten age children.
  FC-Thrive-Button.jpg Developmentally appropriate parenting programs.
  FC-Info-From-AMEDD-Button.jpg Information on what to avoid doing and what you can do instead.
  FC-Thrive-DoDd-Resource-Button.jpg Printable PDF
  FC-Thrive-Parenting-Resource-Button.jpg Printable PDF
  FC-Online-School-Support-Services-List-rdc2.jpg List of Online
School Support Services
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