Summer Swimming Lessons

Summer Swimming Lessons

Aquatics - 1566 William C Lee Road Fort Campbell 42223 Google Map

Sign up starts on May 1, 2018
Register at SKIES


Classes will be held at Dolan Pool
1566 Lee Road

$70 per session

Descriptions of each class are listed below the session dates.


June 4-14


0900-0945     Level I      Level II

1000-1045     Level II     Level III

1100-1130      PS II        Level IV 

1130-1200      PS I         PS III

June 18-28


0900-0945     Level I       Level II       Level III

1000-1045     Level II      Level I        PS I

1100-1130     PS I           PS III          PS III

1130-1200     PS II          PS II           Level IV


July 9-19


0900-0945    Level I        Level II      Level IV

1000-1045    Level III      Level I       Level II

1100-1130     PS II          PS I           PS II

1130-1200     Level A      PS III         PS III


July 23- Aug 2


0900-0945     Level I       Level III     Level V

1000-1045     Level II      Level I       Level II

1100-1130     PS II          PS I           PS III

1130-1200     PS III         PS II          Level III


We do not maintain waiting lists.

American Red Cross Swim Class Descriptions

Level A  
Parent and Child Aquatics (Parent/Adult required in water)
Ages 6 months – 3 years
A program for parents and their children where the parents are taught correct water acclimating techniques and general water safety for their children.

Pre School I (No Parent Participation)
Ages 4yrs - 5yrs
Skills taught include entering and exiting the water safely, submerging head and blowing bubbles for 3 seconds, gliding on front for 3 body lengths and rolling to back both with support. No prerequisites.

Pre School II (No Parent Participation)
Ages 4 yrs – 5 yrs
Skills taught include bobbing, supported floating, introduction to strokes and kicking. Exit skills. Prerequisite- Pre School I exit skills.

Pre School III (No Parent Participation)
Ages 4 yrs – 5 yrs
Skills taught include breath control, unsupported floating, unsupported kicking and combined strokes on the front. Exit skills. Prerequisite- Preschool II exit skills.

Level I Introduction to Water Skills 
Skills taught include water adjustment, breath control, supported kicking, entering and exiting pool independently and basic water safety. Exit skills. No prerequisites.

Level II Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Skills taught include unsupported floating, flutter kicking, finning, gliding. Combined stroke (front & back), rhythmic breathing and water safety skills. Exit skills.  Prerequisite- Level I exit skills.

Level III Stroke Development
Skills taught include the use of lifejackets, front and back crawl with rotary breathing (15 yards), introduction to butterfly kick, and treading 30 seconds in deep water.  Exit skills. Prerequisite- Level II exit skills.


$70 per session

Registration Info

Register at SKIES, on line, or at the Youth Sports Office starting on May 1.
Child must have completed an Assessment test at the swimming pool and be registered with Parent Central Services prior to swimming lesson registration.