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Meet the Instructors


Fort Campbell Sports, Fitness and Aquatics program is happy to provide trained and certified instructors for our fitness classes and we want to introduce you to them.


Amanda Begly

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Debbie Pressnell

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Emelia Straka

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Jaira Sanchez

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Marla Voight

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Megan Scales

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Sean Callahan

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Instructor Led Class Descriptions

Aqua Training Camp:  This aquatic class combines various types of resistance and cardio training, utilizing shallow and/or deep water.  It will prepare you for the next level in aquatic fitness. Beginner to intermediate.

Barre: This class is a choreographed mix of dance, Pilates, yoga and functional training.  During this class you will utilize a ballet barre while focusing on small, pulsing movements.  You will focus on form, alignment, as well as core engagement.  The repetitions will be high and range-of-motion will typically be small.  Join us to work on developing lean muscle while improving flexibility, balance, posture, endurance, and muscle definition.

Body Skulpt: Body Skulpt is a total-body workout that will keep your body guessing—and transforming—with a variety of strength-training moves, cardio conditioning, and core work. In every class you'll tone strong, lean muscle, and together, you'll bust through any plateau that stands in your way.

Bootcamp/Muscle X: A total-body fitness program that uses gravity against the individual’s own body weight as well as a mixture of resistance equipment. This fast-paced workout will have you sweating from circuit to circuit, developing strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.

COUNTRY HEAT™: Just like country line dancing gets everyone out on the dance floor, Country Heat Live draws everyone into the group fitness room. Each class is accessible to a wide range of participants, with easy to follow choreography, low impact steps, and moderate steady-state aerobic intensity that can be taken up or down a notch based on each individual's ability. It is the perfect class for those who are unfit or new to exercise, and is ideal for those who work out regularly as everyone needs one or more days of moderate aerobic activity in their weekly regimens. It is social, yet doesn't require a partner, and doesn't depend on any special dance background or ability. In short, Country Heat Live classes are high on energy, low on impact, and easy for anyone to follow along.

Cycle Fusion: Looking for a total-body workout that provides great cardio and plenty of strength training? Look no further than Cycle Fusion—a unique combination of high-energy indoor cycling and weight lifting. You’ll build strength, gain flexibility, and get a heart-pumping (and fun) revolutionary workout, all in one class! With moves and equipment that are easily modified, Cycle Fusion is great for people of all fitness levels—so what are you waiting for? Jump in, have a blast, and get ready for an amazing workout.

Indoor Cycle/Spin®: A truly fantastic cardio class. Using stationary bikes the instructor simulates an outdoor bike ride that may include: traveling on flat roads, climbing hills, sprinting and jumps. In addition to the high caloric burn the lower body will tone and firm.

MMA Conditioning: MMA Conditioning is a mixed martial arts-inspired workout that puts a little hardcore into exercise in a non-contact, high-energy, total-body sculpting class.  With no equipment needed, the workout combines movements from western Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and more to teach anyone how to move and train like a fighter— with agility, control, balance, and precision.  It’s a high-energy workout, with 3-minute rounds of fight combinations, spikes, and conditioning movements.  Throughout the class, the focus is core-centric movement designed to develop a strong, powerful core.

Munchkin & Me Boot Camp: We understand the juggling life of parenthood and want to help!  Bring your child/children (ages 3 and up) to workout together and have some family fitness fun!  Boot Camp is a total-body fitness program that uses gravity against the individual’s own body weight as well as a mixture of resistance equipment. This fast-paced workout will have you sweating from circuit to circuit, developing strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.

Power Cycle: An intense ride with strong hills, jumps, sprints and runs focused on giving you the strongest ride you can pack into this great 45 minute class.

POUND®: Is a full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and Pilates-inspired movements.  POUND® is designed for all fitness levels and transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way to workout.

Power Hour: This hardcore class is designed for the mentally tough!  This is a total body strength, cardiovascular, and endurance workout.  An array of equipment will be utilized as well as your own bodyweight.  Prepare to bust through your comfort zone and blast the stubborn fat that seems to just keep holding on. 

Stretch & Flow: Stretch & Flow is a unique combination of Pilates mat exercises, Yoga poses, strength conditioning, flexibility and dynamic balance. It is fast paced, low impact, yet challenging high energy workout that is similar to Vinyasa style yoga. In this wonderfully dynamic class you will learn movements that elongate muscles, release tension, improve posture, deepen breath, strengthen the core, visibly improve muscle tone all while burning calories and improving your mind/body connection.

Total Body HIIT:  This is a cardio-based workout that combines the best of HIIT and strength moves designed to help you get fit fast!  Each high energy workout is packed with cardio drills, plyometrics, and bodyweight strength moves with no weights required.  Each exercise is tailored to suit every fitness level.

Total Pump: Estep’s own! Designed and choreographed by our own instructors. This is an exciting, energetic weight training class that strengthens the entire body, regardless of gender. Class is performed to selected music using free weights, barbells and an aerobic step. You choose your weights based on the exercise and personal goals. This 60 minute workout challenges all your major muscles groups by using the most effective exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Get Strong, Get Confident and DIG DEEP. You will tone your muscles and raise your metabolism to burn more calories 24 hours a day, even while you’re sleeping! The coupling of great music and weight choice will inspire your body to get the results you came for-and fast. If you like Body Pump you will love Total Pump!

Turbo Kick®: The ultimate cardiovascular challenge that combines movements, patterns and agility training specific to the sport of kickboxing (includes many forms). A high energy class that keeps your feet moving and heart rate revved. The muscular power gained is priceless.

Work-Train-Fight Boxing: This boxing class will not only focus on the offensive aspect of boxing, it will delve further into defense, to include head movement, footwork, counter punching, and blocking.  The class will also include cardiovascular exercises, muscle group exercises and additional instructional time to ensure all participants are up to par on proper boxing techniques.

Yoga: This is a Yoga format eliminating the spiritual to accommodate the fitness oriented individual. You will learn how to breathe while moving from one pose to the next with fluidity and grace. Yoga can lengthen and strengthen the entire body and increase joint mobility.

Zumba®: This is a Latin-inspired, dance fitness class that incorporates Latin and international music and dance movement which creates a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness system. This class design combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body in a sassy aerobic/fitness fashion. You will feel like you are at a party rather than a fitness class, this is why Zumba’s theme is “ditch the workout, join the party.”