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Exceptional Family Member Program

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Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
BLDG 79 Bastogne Ave
Fort Campbell, Kentucky 42223
United States

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Welcome to the Fort Campbell Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)


Who is an Exceptional Family Member?
An Exceptional Family Member is a Family member (child or adult) with any physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training, or counseling.

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory enrollment program that works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated community support, housing, educational, medical, and personnel services to Families with special needs. Soldiers on active duty enroll in the program when they have a Family member with a physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorder requiring specialized services so their needs can be considered in the military personnel assignment process.

The Fort Campbell Exceptional Family Member Program is made up of the Army Community Service EFMP office as well as the Blanchfield Army Community Hospital EFMP clinic. The ACS EFMP office provides support services, monthly Family events, support groups, holiday and special events, Individualized Education Plan assistance- education advocacy, unit/SFRG briefings, Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP), relocation assistance, respite care, and advocacy. The BACH EFMP clinic provides information on overseas screening, enrollment, updating enrollment, and housing consideration.

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Enrollment Updates

Enrollment Process-
Who must enroll in the program?

  1. Active Army.
  2. U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) Soldiers in the USAR Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Program, and other USAR Soldiers on active duty more than 30 days.
  3. Army National Guard AGR personnel serving under authority of Title 10, United States Code and Title 32, United States Code. Department of the Army civilian employees do not enroll in the program.

However, they must identify dependent children with special education and medically related service needs and Family members with medical needs each time they process for an assignment to a location outside the United States where Family member travel is authorized at Government expense.

How to Enroll

  1. Soldier or Family member should contact the Blanchfield Army Community Hospital EFMP Clinic at (270) 956-0614 to initiate the assessment process.
  2. Once the DD 2792 (medical summary) is completed by the medical professional most familiar with the Family member’s needs, and/or the DD 2792-1 (educational summary) if needed, contact the EFMP Clinic is located at building E, 3rd Floor of Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH), 650 Joel Drive. For an educational enrollment bring a copy of the IEP/IFSP. Please contact the EFMP office for the DD 2792 and DD 2792-1 forms.
  3. After the application is processed locally, it is forwarded to the appropriate regional medical center for coding and entry into the program. Within 30-45 days the enrollment should be reflected in the EFMP system and the Soldier's personnel record.

Soldiers are responsible for keeping their EFMP enrollment current as exceptional Family member (EFM) conditions change or at least every three years, whichever comes first.

Update EFMP Enrollment Process
Soldiers are responsible for keeping their EFMP enrollment current as exceptional Family member (EFM) conditions change or updating at least every three years, whichever comes first.

How to Update Enrollment
Service member can update on the new Enterprise EFMP website. Service member or Family member may contact the Blanchfield Army Community Hospital EFMP office at (270) 956-0614 enrollment line to verify the needed documents to be taken to their PCM or school system.

Enterprise EFMP Website Link: Enterprise EFMP (

Respite Program

What is Respite?

For Active Army and Active Guard and Reserve Families who are responsible for regular care of persons with disabilities, the Exceptional Family Members Program Respite Care Program provides a temporary rest period. Care may only be provided in the Family’s home. Respite care is important because it decreases Family stress, increases Family stability and reduces costly out-of-home placements, thereby contributing to Soldier readiness.

Eligibility for RCP is based on EFMP enrollment and the medical condition of the Family member.

Once eligibility has been determined an ACS EFMP staff member will meet with a Family member and/or Soldier to complete a Family Services Needs Assessment. An individual may receive 25 hours of respite care a month.

The needs assessment will need to be updated as the Exceptional Family Member’s condition changes or annually, whichever comes first. To find out more about the Fort Campbell ACS EFMP program please contact (270) 798-2727.


Childcare services for children with special needs is available, the SNAP is part of the enrollment process.

What Is The Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP)?

The Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP) is a multi-disciplinary team that assists in determining the safest, least restrictive and most appropriate placement of children that require specialized childcare, school age services, youth services, or recreational sports and fitness activities. The purpose of this team is to work with the parent to ensure that the child's experiences while in Child & Youth Services (CYS) are successful.

What is the purpose of the SNAP?

The SNAP is designed to evaluate health, developmental, physical, social,emotional, learning and behavioral issues that affect your child. It is both our philosophy and goal, when possible, to honor your personal choices for CYS services. Through every step we are partners in your child's success. The SNAP serves as a communication link with all agencies involved in providing services to your child. The objective is to match the child's needs with the appropriate placement. The SNAP serves as an advocate to ensure that the individual rights of your child are protected and respected.

What Is the Parent's Role?

Parent Participation is extremely important. You will be informed of the date, time and location of the SNAP. In order to assist with this placement process you may be asked to provide specific information (e.g., medical documentation, statements of illnesses, allergies, reactions and treatment, copies of the IFSP/IEP, and behavior improvement plans/contracts). All of these items are needed to facilitate the SNAP process. Please provide current documentation.

SNAP Team Members

  • Parent/Guardian
  • Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Manager
  • Community Health Nurse - CYS Special Needs Director
  • CYS Center Management Representative
  • CYS School Age Services Representative
  • Early Intervention Services Representative (as needed)

ACS EFMP office provides:

  • Monthly Family events
  • Support groups
  • Holiday and special events
  • IEP assistance
  • Unit briefings
  • Relocation assistance
  • Respite care services
  • System Navigation services

BACH EFMP clinic provides:

  • Information on overseas screening, enrollment
  • Enrollment Updates
  • Housing consideration
  • Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) assistance

Soldiers on active duty enroll in the program when they have a Family member with a physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorder requiring specialized services so their needs can be considered in the military personnel assignment process.

Family members must be screened and enrolled, if eligible, when the Soldier is on assignment instructions to an OCONUS area for which command sponsorship/Family member travel is authorized, and the Soldier elects to serve the accompanied tour. This screening consists of medical records review for all Family members, and developmental screening for all children 72 months of age and younger.

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